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Staffing Services

Innovative technology is changing the world we live in from cloud integration to automation. Companies looking to help shape the digital future can better source top technology talent by leveraging recruitment and workforce solutions from Verve Staffing, a leading technology staffing agency.

Our Process

Streamlined technology services

As new opportunities with technology arise, businesses will need to hire tech professionals with the skill sets and familiarity of new systems to promote business growth and optimize IT budgets.

Verve IT's dedicated team of tech and CMS specialists provides companies with the strategies and insights needed to guide business workforce decisions, as well as tailored solutions to address unique workforce needs, including temporary and permanent technology staffing and outsourcing services.

Our Staffing Way

Verve IT Staffing is a diversified staffing agency owned and operated by individuals with vast experience in job placement. We understand that there are a variety of reasons that a business may choose to utilize an employment service and we have the flexibility to accommodate any and all of them.


Before we start selecting individuals to be considered as employees for your company, we conduct extensive research on your company so that we fully understand what your mission is and how we can best assist you.


We offer -

  • Contract,

  • Contract to Hire,

  • Direct Hire,

  • Employee Screening and a complete Payroll Service.


Whatever your reason, the bottom line is we will save you time and money.

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You’re just one step away from connecting with our talent acquisition team. Click to find out more on how you can integrate Verve IT Recruiting into your hiring process today.

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By Jim Collins -

"Great Vision without Hiring Great People is Irrelevant"

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