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In a digitally-driven world, the insights, best practices and learnings from one industry are often highly relevant to other industries. We bring significant cross-industry expertise to every project, giving our clients greater perspective and solution-based thinking.

THE Verve IT Digital Experience Expertise

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an emerging category of enterprise software seeking to meet the needs of companies undergoing digital transformation, with the ultimate goal of providing better customer experiences. DXPs can be a single product, but are often a suite of products that work together.

Strategy and Design

  • Research & Audits

  • Persona Development

  • Concept Development

  • Content Strategy

  • Project Planning

  • Analytics & Metrics

  • Road Mapping

Development and Optimization

  • Interface Development

  • Content Management Systems

  • eCommerce

  • Database Design

  • Responsive Development

  • Testing & Optimization

  • Maintenance & Hosting


  • Channel Strategy

  • Content Strategy & Development

  • Campaign Creation

  • Event Activation Marketing

  • Engagement & Conversion

  • Social Media

  • Analytics & KPI Planning

  • SEO & SEM

Verve IT Marketing Campaign Suite

A marketing campaign is a concentrated marketing effort, usually focused on a single message, to achieve one specific goal. This message is spread across multiple channels. A marketing strategy or plan can have several campaigns running simultaneously. For example, you could have one campaign to build awareness and another to drive renewals.

Marketing Suite.JPG


We assess & augment our own security processes and best practices by working with the best security experts for your web. We recommend and choose CDN from a variety of options from industry leaders in this segment.


We work with any Enterprise that connects all your data, empowering you to create, tailor, and personalize every customer engagement across any channel. Deliver and scale personalized experiences across web, social, mobile, and point-of-sale

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